Why am I unable to trade? Why is my account suspended? How to start trading again? How to reactivate the account? / Why am I getting this communication that my account is going to be dormant?

The below reason are the possible reasons for the same:

I. In case you have not traded in the below specified period your account will become dormant:

A. Not Traded in the last 12 months: You will need to fill in an Online request, after logging–in, you will be prompted to re-activate your account.

B. Not Traded in the last 24 months you have two options:

  1. Submit Dormant activation form for re-KYC in the nearest Kotak Securities Branch which also requires in-person verification, hence you will have to personally visit the branch for the same.

  2. Or Contact the Customer Service here and the CS Team will help with the digital process of the same.

Non-updation of KYC attributes:

A. Mobile No.

B. Email Id

C. Address:

D. Income Range/ Financial Proof Updation