Tata Mutual Fund

Tata mutual fund is managed by Tata Asset Management Ltd., part of the prestigious Tata Group. Established in March 1994, Tata Asset Management Private Limited boasts over 29 years of experience in investment management and provides a comprehensive suite of services to investors, including financial planning and fund management. In June 1995, Tata Mutual Fund secured registration with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). As of December 2023, the fund house manages assets crossing Rs. 131663 crores.

Tata Mutual Fund snapshot

Inception date
June 30, 1995
Sponsor (s)
Tata Sons Limited & Tata Investment Corp. Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Prathit Bhobe
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Rahul Singh
No. of Schemes
Average AUM (Rs. in Crores)

As on February 2024

List of Tata Mutual Fund’s top performing schemes
Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)



How to invest in Tata Mutual Fund

To invest in Tata Mutual Fund, use the Kotak Neo platform. Kotak Neo makes it easy to invest in various schemes from different fund houses in one place.

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