How to reach out to the customer support?

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There are multiple ways in which you can reach out to our customer support.

  • Just log on to the Kotak Neo app and go to the Profile Section.
  • Go to Help and support.
  • In the Help and support tab you will find the following options to contact Customer Care:
  1. Request a call back
  2. Call 1800-209-9191
  3. Email

To reach out to the Customer Support,

  1. Login to the Kotak Stock Trader App

  2. Go to More Menu option at the bottom

  3. Scroll down to Help & More

  4. Click on Contact Us

  5. Click on the Calling Icon given next to the Customer Service Contact No.

Before calling the Customer Service you can also try reaching out to us through WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp Icon given.

This feature is not allowed for this platform.