Explore the features of Pay Off Analyzer

Available on the Kotak Neo app

Analyze P/L at different market levels

Set a target date, time and price according to your predictions and analyze the profit or loss on expiry day and target date

Payoffs against Price, Time & Volatility

Evaluate your payoff not only against price but also against time and implied volatility

Max Profit/ Max Loss & other metrics

Find out important metrics like maximum profit & loss, breakeven levels and more of your Option positions

Total and Individual Greeks

Examine the sensitivity of Options price by analysing Greeks such as Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega on individual legs and net position

Analyze virtual trades through Basket orders

Add dummy Option positions in your basket order and analyze its payoff using this tool

Use Graphs & Table format

Analyze your payoff on expiry and target date at different market levels using graphical and tabular representation

Verify Net Deliverable Quantity

Now you can check the net deliverable quantity if your stock options go into physical settlement

Required & Final margin

Check pre-order required and final margin for the trades that you are going to execute.

Build customized strategy through Payoff Analyzer using Kotak Neo App

Watch the video to know how you can use Payoff Analyzer on the Kotak Neo App and get vital data using this strategy builder tool. Check breakeven and other data points, including graphs, P&L, and greek value on your trade within seconds

FAQs on Payoff Analyzer

What is the Payoff Analyzer?+

The Payoff Analyzer tool helps you to analyze your F&O open positions. You can also analyze your option strategies before placing the order through basket order. This feature will help you to analyze your payoff based on your target and expiry date.

What are the important data shown under the Payoff Analyzer?+

All the important data that you need to analyze your options positions, such as Max profit and Max loss,breakeven points, total and individual Implied Volatility (IV), and also the individual and total Greeks.

Does the payoff get updated on a real-time basis?+

Yes, the Payoff as well as other important data will get updated on a real-time basis.

What if I have open positions in different scrips and I want to analyze them?+

You can analyze all of your open positions by changing the script through the search bar.

How will my payoff analyzer reflect if I have multiple positions in the same script for the same expiry?+

The payoff analyzer will show your net payoff and Greeks at different market levels.

Can I analyze my payoff against Price, Time, and IV?+

Yes, you can also analyze your positions by using the features of Payoff vs Price, Payoff vs Time, and Payoff vs IV.

What all Greeks will be shown under the payoff analyzer?+

All the important Greeks, such as Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega will be shown under the payoff analyzer.

Can I set my own underlying target price, target date, and IV?+

Yes, you can set your own underlying target price, target date, and IV for analyzing your open position.

Are there any charges or subscription fees for using the Payoff Analyzer feature?+

No, there are no charges or subscription fees. Payoff Analyzer is completely free of cost.

Where is required and final margin feature available?+

This feature is currently available only when the user comes through the journey of basket order. Any user landing on the payoff analyzer page through open position will not be able to see this feature.

Is Payoff Analyzer only available on Kotak Neo App? +

Payoff Analyzer is available on Kotak Neo and Kotak Stock Trading App.