Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

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4X*Leverage available on MTF
1000+Stocks and ETFs to trade in
Get ZERO brokerage on ALL Intraday trades
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How does Margin Trading Facility works?
How to place MTF Trade
Follow these 5 easy steps
Step 1: Access the Buy Page
Go to the buy order page of your preferred stock.
Enter quantity and Select “MTF” under the product type.
Once done, you will be able to place an order using MTF.
Cross-check the order details and proceed to buy.
Your order will be placed under MTF.
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Align your financial goals and enjoy affordable access to our comprehensive trading features and tools.
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*Margin available up to 4x on 1000+stocks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Margin Trading Funds

Margin Trading Facility (MTF) is an exchange-approved product wherein individuals can purchase stocks by paying only the initial margin, with the remaining amount being funded by Kotak Securities Ltd. One can either keep the position open as long as they want or can take delivery of the stock.

The interest charges are as low as 0.028% per day, which are applied from T+1 day onwards. These charges vary for all users based on the brokerage plan they have selected.

With the introduction of the pledge model in September 2020, it has become mandatory to pledge stocks purchased under the Margin Trading Facility.To hold your MTF position for as long as you want, user are required to pledge the stocks purchased under MTF on T Day on the link received from NSDL.

Yes, there is a charge of Rs.20 + GST per ISIN for both pledging and unpledging.

In the event that you fail to pledge the stocks purchased under MTF, your position will be liquidated.

With Kotak Securities Ltd, once you have pledged your MTF stocks, you can maintain your position for as long as you wish, or you may choose to convert the position to cash.

Cash, existing stocks, and ETFs kept in their Demat account can be used as margin post pledging.

Get ZERO brokerage on ALL Intraday trades
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