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Frequently Asked Questions on SipIt

Siplt is an investment platform that facilitates automated SIP investments in stocks and ETFs.

Investors have the option to initiate a systematic investment plan (SIP) in their preferred stocks or ETFs at regular intervals, using a fixed amount or quantity. Through the Sipit dashboard, you will have the flexibility to modify or pause any ongoing SIP according to your convenience.

Siplt allows you to invest in stocks/ETFs on regular intervals, thus creating a disciplined approach for you to invest rather than make decisions based on short term market movements.

SIPs provide an opportunity to benefit from the power of compounding by staying invested for the long term.

There are two types of SIPs offered on Siplt, quantity based and amount based. While initiating an Siplt investment, you will be presented with the option to choose between quantity-based and amount-based. You can indicate your preference for either of these options based on your investment strategy and goals.

  • Amount Based: An amount-based SIP implies that you would invest the same amount of money at regular intervals based on your chosen frequency.

For example, if you choose to invest a specific amount in a stock/ETF, Sipt will purchase as many shares as possible with that amount. Therefore, if the price of the stock/ETF is higher, you will acquire a smaller number of shares, and if the price is lower, you will acquire a larger number of shares.

  • Quantity Based: In Quantity-based SIP you buy a fixed number of shares of a particular stock/ETF at regular intervals. Instead of investing a fixed amount of money, you maintain consistency by buying a specific quantity of shares or units.

This means that if the price of the equity is higher, you will invest a larger amount, and if the price is lower, you will invest a smaller amount. The goal is to accumulate a predetermined quantity of the stock/ETF over time, regardless of its changing price.

The frequency of an SIP defines the regular intervals at which your chosen amount/quantity will be invested in the stock/ETF. You can choose from monthly, weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly frequencies.

For example, a monthly frequency implies that you invest every month, a weekly frequency implies every week, a bi-weekly frequency implies every two weeks, and a quarterly frequency implies that you invest every three months.

Yes, you can set up SIP investments any time during the day. If you set up SIP during market hours the first instalment will be executed right away and the recurring SIP will be set up. However, if you start an SIP after market hours, we will take your request for setting up the SIP and the first instalment will be executed on the next trading day.

Your SIP orders are placed at market price. On the date of instalment your SIP is executed at 11am, at the current price at that time.

You can check your SIP order details on Dashboard > My Investments.

Click on the stock whose SIP is executed and then click on Investment History.

To view the SIP order placement date for your SIP request, go to 'Your Investments' on the Dashboard, then click on whichever stock/ETF for which you wish to view the SIP order placement date.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can see the option to view your 'Investment History'. Click on it and you will be able to view the history of orders for that SIP.

Yes, you can pause or stop an ongoing SIP. To do so, go to 'My Investments' on the Dashboard, then click on whichever holding you wish to pause/stop. If you scroll down on the page, you will see options to edit your SIP and sell your holdings.

Click on 'Edit your SIP' where you will see the option to 'Stop your SIP'. This would stop your future investments but wouldn't sell your existing holdings.

To sell your SIP holdings, go to 'My Investments' on Siplt Dashboard, then click on whichever stock/ETF holding you wish to sell. You can sell your holdings by clicking on the 'Sell Holdings' option.

You can choose the quantity of shares you want to sell.

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