DSP Mutual Fund

DSP Mutual Fund stands as one of India's prominent Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Since its establishment, this fund house has experienced significant growth, evolving into a premier player in the Indian asset management landscape. The DSP family's involvement in investments dates back to the 1860s when they initiated their journey in the stock-broking business. Subsequently, they entered investment management through a joint venture with Merrill Lynch, establishing DSP Merrill Lynch Asset Management Company, which was registered with SEBI in January 1997. Following BlackRock's acquisition of Merrill Lynch's global asset management business, the company underwent a name change to DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Ltd. in 2008.

In 2018, DSP Group acquired BlackRock's 40% stake, leading to the current name, DSP Mutual Fund. As of December 2023, the fund house is in charge of Assets Under Management (AUM) averaging Rs. 1.36 lakh crores.

DSP Mutual Fund snapshot

Inception date
December 16, 1996
Sponsor (s)
DSP HMK Holdings Pvt. Ltd & DSP Adiko Holdings Pvt. Ltd
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kalpen Parekh
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Vinit Sambre (Head – Equities) & Mr. Amit Ghelani (Head – Passive Investments)
No. of Schemes
Average AUM (Rs. in Crores)

As on February 2024

List of DSP Mutual Fund’s top performing schemes
Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)



How to invest in DSP Mutual Fund

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