Taurus Mutual Fund

Taurus Asset Management Company stands as one of the leading players in the mutual funds arena, boasting nearly three decades of industry presence. Furthermore, it is among the select few private sector mutual fund companies that obtained SEBI registration in the 1990s. Currently, the sponsorship of Taurus Mutual Funds rests with HB Portfolio Limited, while Taurus Investment Trust Company Ltd. serves as the company's trustee. Despite witnessing changes in its leadership over time, the Mutual Funds business has consistently thrived. In 1999, two promoters, HB Mutual Fund and Taurus Mutual Fund, merged to establish a new entity known as Creditcapital Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Subsequently, in 2006, Creditcapital underwent a name change to become Taurus Asset Management Co. Ltd. Further expanding its footprint, Taurus took over segments of the BOI Mutual Fund in 2002, leading to a notable increase in Taurus Mutual Funds' market share. As of December 2023, the Assets under Management (AUM) for Taurus Mutual Fund amount to Rs. 644 crore, solidifying its position as one of the rapidly growing players in the Mutual Fund industry.

Taurus Mutual Fund snapshot

Inception date
August 20, 1993
Sponsor (s)
HB Portfolio Limited
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Prashant Soni
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Kanishk Kapur
No. of Schemes
Average AUM (Rs. in Crores)

As on February 2024

List of Taurus Mutual Fund’s top performing schemes
Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)



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