SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual Fund was established on June 29, 1987, as a Trust, with State Bank of India (SBI) acting as the sponsor and SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company Private Limited serving as the Trustee. It received registration from SEBI on December 23, 1993. A significant development occurred on April 13, 2011, when an agreement was inked between SBI and AMUNDI Asset Management, transforming the fund house into a joint venture.

SBI Mutual Fund has been a pioneer in several aspects. It was the first Indian Mutual Fund to introduce a 'Contra' fund, known as the SBI Contra Fund. Additionally, in 2013, the fund expanded its footprint by acquiring Daiwa Mutual Fund, a part of the Daiwa Group in Japan.

Notably, SBI Mutual Fund holds the distinction of being the first in India to launch an ESG Fund, focusing on Environment, Social, and Governance criteria for sustainable investments in major markets. In 2015, a landmark investment took place as the Employees' Provident Fund of India invested Rs. 5,000 Crore, marking the first instance of such an investment in a Mutual Fund in India through SBIMF Sensex ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds.

As of June 2023, SBI Mutual Fund boasts a diverse range of mutual fund schemes across equity, debt, hybrid, and other categories. The fund house manages Assets Under Management (AUM) totaling Rs. 8.5 lakh crores, as of December 2023.

SBI Mutual Fund snapshot

Inception date
June 29, 1987
Sponsor (s)
State Bank of India
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Shamsher Singh
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Rajeev Radhakrishnan - CIO - Fixed Income & Mr. Rama Iyer Srinivasan - CIO - Equity
No. of Schemes
Average AUM (Rs. in Crores)

As on February 2024

List of SBI Mutual Fund’s top performing schemes
Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)


Fund Name
AUM(in Cr)



How to invest in SBI Mutual Fund

To invest in SBI Mutual Fund, or any other mutual fund for that matter, firstly you need your KYC done. You can do it online using your PAN, Aadhar and mobile number. It just takes a few minutes and makes you investment ready – whether its mutual funds or stocks.

You can then invest via Kotak Neo effortlessly; follow the steps given below:

  1. Login with your credentials (mobile number/PAN/QR code)
  2. Click on Invest and select ‘Mutual Funds’ from other investments
  3. Select the fund of your choice and begin investing

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