How much margins/leverage does Kotak Securities provide?

Kotak Securities offers margins on stocks, mutual fund units, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for trading in the Cash and Derivatives segments across multiple order types.

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You can trade using Margin Intraday Square-Off (MIS) Order Type to get up to 5 times leverage on intraday trades. You can take MIS positions worth Rs. 50,000 with cash / stock as collateral (post haircut) worth Rs 10,000.

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Alternatively, you can also trade using Margin Trade Funding (MTF) as the order type. Under MTF, you are required to pay a minimum 25% of the trade value upfront, in the form of cash / stocks as collaterals, and the balance is funded by Kotak Securities at a nominal interest rate. The position can be open for an indefinite period, i.e., for as long as you want. The difference between MIS and MTF is in the time period for which the position can be held.

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