How is NAV allocated basis cut off time?

The Net Asset Value (NAV) is computed by dividing the overall value of securities (including any cash) in a mutual fund, minus its liabilities, by the total number of outstanding shares. This calculation yields a per-share value representing the mutual fund's NAV.

A significant distinction exists in the way NAV fluctuates compared to stock and share prices. Unlike the continuous fluctuations observed throughout the day for stocks and shares, mutual funds calculate and update their NAV only at the end of a trading day. The NAV of a purchased unit of mutual fund is allocated basis the time of realization of funds. Refer the table below to understand the cut-off time and NAV applicability when the realization of funds happens before and after the cut-off time.

Type of scheme Cut-off time basis payment completion NAV applicability
Liquid/Overnight funds12 noonPrevious day
Liquid/Overnight fundsAfter 12 noonSame day
All other funds2.30 pmSame day
All other fundsAfter 2.30 pmNext business day