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₹ 30,00,000

Estimated returns

₹ 39,66,432

Total value

₹ 69,66,432

Welcome to the LIC Mutual Fund SIP calculator, which offers an easy way to calculate SIP returns. LIC Mutual Fund is sponsored by Life Insurance Corporation of India, one of India's largest and most trusted life insurance companies, with a rich experience of over six decades. LIC Mutual Fund has a solid online presence and provides a wide range of schemes to help investors securely grow their wealth.

Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Set up your target SIP amount: Start by listing the savings you intend to invest through SIP every month. You can invest any amount starting from just a hundred rupees.

Step 2. Select the expected rate of return: Enter the anticipated rate of return you think you will get from your investment. This should be a realistic percentage based on the scheme’s historical performance and benchmark scheme’s returns.

Step 3. Specify till when you will invest: Specify the number of years you plan to continue your SIP investment.

The calculator will then calculate the estimated return on your SIP investment. Please note that these returns are subject to tax at the time of redemption.

The LIC Mutual Fund SIP calculator works through a straightforward process, following this formula:

A = p × (1+ nr) nt


  • a = final corpus amount
  • p = monthly investment
  • r = annual interest rate
  • n = number of times interest is compounded in one year
  • t = Investment duration (in years)

Instead of manually calculating the estimated amount through the above process, you can simply use an online calculator and get the amount in one go. What’s more, you can use the calculator any number of times to do calculations by different investments, tenures, and/or rates of return.

Use the LIC Mutual Fund's SIP calculator to plan your financial destiny with self-assurance. This tool allows you to set realistic financial goals, examine the feasibility of your financial plans, and estimate the growth of your investments over the years. With the LIC Mutual Fund's SIP calculator, you can make better-planned investments to secure your financial future.

  • Goal planning: Set and acquire your financial dreams, whether it is buying a home or securing your retirement.
  • Investment monitoring: Monitor the overall performance of your investments over time and make changes to stay on the right track along with your goals.

SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) and mutual funds are not the same; however, they are related. A mutual fund is a tool that pools cash from multiple investors to put money into shares, bonds, commodities or other securities. On the other hand, an SIP is a method of investing in mutual fund wherein you invest a set amount regularly, usually month-to-month.

In other words, SIP is a vehicle to invest in mutual funds, just like a recurring deposit, while a mutual fund is the actual investment product that holds a portfolio of securities.

You can monitor the performance of your SIP investments regularly, ideally once every 12 months. Then, you can make adjustments as needed to stay in line with your goals. Consult a financial advisor for assistance.

No, SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) aren't only for investing in equity funds. While SIPs are commonly related to equity funds, they can also be used to invest in debt and hybrid funds. If you have a long-term investment horizon and want to start investing in an equity fund, you can choose the SIP route to average your buying cost and benefit from the power of compounding.

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