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₹ 30,00,000

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₹ 39,66,432

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₹ 69,66,432

Welcome to the HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator, a handy online device for clever investment planning. Over the past two decades, HDFC Mutual Fund has emerged as one of India's largest and most relied-on mutual fund houses, offering a wide range of investment products and services. With a strong track record of performance and a focus on customer satisfaction, HDFC Mutual Fund is devoted to supporting investors through prudent investment instruments.

Using the HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator is straightforward and straightforward. Start by getting into the investment amount you want to make investments through SIPs. Next, select the SIP period in years, as per your choice. Then, enter the predicted rate of return based on your investment approach and market situations. The calculator will process those inputs in a couple of minutes to provide you with an estimate of your investment’s growth over the years.

The HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator uses the below formula to calculate the corpus accumulated at the end of your investment tenure.

A = p × (1+ nr) nt


  • a = final corpus amount
  • p = monthly investment
  • r = annual interest rate
  • n = number of times interest is compounded in one year
  • t = Investment duration (in years)

Instead of manually calculating the estimated amount through the above process, you can simply use an online calculator and get the amount in one go. What’s more, you can use the calculator any number of times to do calculations by different investments, tenures, and/or rates of return.

Take a look at various advantages of using this online calculator:

  • Goal planning: Plan for your financial dreams, which may be buying a house, a kid's education, or retirement.
  • Investment monitoring: Keep track of your investments and check their estimated returns over the years. Use the calculator as many times as you want by changing the SIP amount or tenure.
  • Time saving: The HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator saves you precious time by way of speedily displaying a projection of your investment returns. Instead of manually calculating returns, you may use the calculator to get on-the-spot results, allowing you to make informed decisions efficaciously.

You can start an SIP with just Rs. 500 in most mutual funds. There is no upper restriction on how much you can invest in SIPs. The quantity you invest depends on your economic dreams, risk tolerance, and horizon. It's beneficial to invest an amount that you can comfortably afford and often grow your investing amount as your profits grow.

As such, there is no maximum tenure for SIPs. It can generally vary between mutual fund schemes depending on the investment horizon. Some mutual funds, like equity funds, may be suitable for SIPs with longer tenures (a minimum of 7- 10 years). However, it is important to check with the mutual fund company for specific information regarding the maximum tenure for their SIPs.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and lump sum investments are two modes of investing in a mutual fund:

  • In SIPs, investors invest a fixed amount regularly, typically month-to-month. In lump sum investments, a large amount is invested in a mutual fund in a single transaction.
  • SIPs facilitate investments in small amounts over periods, which could help average the cost of investment over the years (rupee cost averaging). Lumpsum investments offer no averaging benefit and are commonly ideal for buyers who can time the market or have a higher risk tolerance.
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