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₹ 30,00,000

Estimated returns

₹ 39,66,432

Total value

₹ 69,66,432

Welcome to the Tata Mutual Fund SIP calculator. It is designed for the ease of SIP returns estimation. Tata Mutual Fund has a legacy of over 25 years in this industry and has become a household name when it comes to trustworthiness. It aims at offering inventive investment solutions which add value with an objective of helping investors achieve their financial goals.

The Tata Mutual Fund SIP Calculator will give you an estimated figure of what your SIP holdings might yield as long as you provide it with just three items i.e., the returns rate that your funds will be acquiring, how long this amount is expected to come in, and the monthly payments made towards it. That’s all! This process is fast, easy and convenient. Further, there are no limits on how many times one can use this calculator; change figures around and find out possible income repeatedly.

The formula used by the Tata Mutual Fund SIP Calculator for calculating the future value of investments is:

F = P × (1+ r/100) ^n


  • P = The amount invested through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  • r = Annual expected rate of return
  • n = Number for SIP contribution months

This equation considers precisely how much was spent on SIP, anticipated yearly return plus number of contributions made, thus giving precise future worth on your investments.

The Tata Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is very useful in respect of the fact that it enables investors to make smarter investment decisions. Here are 3 key advantages for investors:

1. Flexibility: Users are able to try different variants, whether it be changing the amount invested, the frequency of investment or tenure, to find the best SIP plan that will suit their budget and interest.

2. Education: The activity of an SIP calculator includes the user’s apprehension of the compounding effect and the result of regular savings can last over time.

3. Decision making: Considering the yearly rate projections offered by this calculator, it can help the user to have more informed investment decisions with regards to their SIP investments.

In theory, the answer to this question is yes, if someone wants to temporarily withdraw from an SIP, there is usually a way to do so. Moreover, most mutual funds ensure such flexibility that they can be paused for a specific period of time and started again afterwards.

Taking a brief break in a SIP comes in handy in scenarios when an investor needs to prioritise day to day expenses or considers some urgent financial affairs. Conversely, it will be crucial to go through and consult with the mutual fund company on their rules and procedures for temporarily stopping and starting up SIPs.

Yes, you are able to withdraw the SIP at any time. SIPs are liquid instruments - this makes it possible for an investor to withdraw partial or even the whole investment at any time. Nevertheless, one should take into account the fact that the mutual fund might be accompanied by some charges or restrictions for early redemption, whereby an investment is locked until a certain deadline – which is known as a lock-in period

While investing through an SIP is not assured to yield high returns, the advantages of financial planning and creating a habit for continuous saving should not be overlooked. The returns from the SIP depend on many different variables and factors such as scheme performance, market conditions, and investment period.

Also, a scheme's future performance is not deterministic based on its past performance. Hence, it is beneficial to periodically review your investments and make necessary corrections where required.

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