What is the procedure for dematerialisation in KSL?

You will need to follow the below process:

  1. Fill in and submit the below documents at your nearest Kotak Securities Branch:

a. the DRF (Dematerialisation Request Form) along with your Original Share Certificate. Please note for every ISIN a separate form needs to be filled in.

b. ISR-2 (Confirmation of Signature of the Securities’ holder by the Banker)

c. Below Documents:

  • Self-attested pan card copy of all the holder’s

  • Self attested aadhar card copy / passport copy of all the holders

  • Complete filled Form ISR -2 ( enclosed ) - this has to be filled in from the respective bank

  • An original pre-printed Canceled Cheque Leaf in the name of the client/ respective clients, the canceled cheque to be of the same bank for which the ISR Form-2 is filled.

Approximate TAT being 30 days from your request entry in the system at Kotak Securities. .

Applicable to the Kotak Securities Personnel taking your request: The concerned person from kotak securities branch office to enter correct & proper share certificate details in kotak securities’ dematrix system so as to validate in nsdl edpm system while processing the demat requests**.

Forms Required: