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  • QWhat is a Bracket order?

    A bracket order is a combination of a stop loss order to reduce your loss and a book profit order to take profits. This is placed along with the main order in the same order form.

  • QHow it works?

    You want to buy stock at Rs. 100 and to reduce loss want place stoploss order Rs.2 below LTP and want to book profit @ Rs. 104. To do so you can place buy order at Rs. 100 with a spread of Rs. 2 and book profit as 104.


    Order type : Buy Trailing stoploss order

    Current Market Price : 100

    Buy Price : 100

    Spread : 2

    Book Profit : 104

    System will auto calculate stoploss price : (100-2) = 98

    Once order is traded @ 100 system will trail your stoploss order as per table given below

    Time 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45
    Stock Price 100 101 102 101 100.5 102 103 104
    Trailing Stoploss order 98 99 100 100 100 100 101 102
    Book profit 104 104 104 104 104 104 104 104

  • QWhat is spread?
    Spread is the minimum difference that you want to maintain between stoploss order trigger price and market price.
  • QWhat happen if market price goes up after placing a BUY order?

    Stoploss trigger price will increase after maintaining the spread difference between stoploss trigger price and market price, Book profit order will remain unchanged.

  • QWhat if market goes down after placing a BUY order?
    Stoploss order trigger price will not go down, it will remain same. No change in stoploss order trigger price, Book profit order will remain unchanged.
  • QWhat happens when price reaches stoploss trigger price?
    Stoploss order will trigger and will be sent to exchange as a market order and will get traded. The book profit order will get cancelled automatically.
  • QWhat happens when price reaches book profit price?
    Book profit order will get traded and stoploss order will be automatically be cancelled.
  • QWhat happen if I pace start trailing at price above the market price?
    If price quoted as “Start Trailing at When Price Reaches” is greater or Lower than the LTP (respectively for Buy and Sell ) while placing the order. The Trigger price will start calculating on the basis of the LTP (since LTP lower or higher of the “Start Trailing at When Price Reaches”) and the spread specified by the client, this will result in immediate Trailing of the order.
    The order will be modified to Market order when the LTP reached beyond the Trigger price calculated as above (LTP + Spread).
  • QWhat is the validity of Bracket orders?
    It’s valid for the day only.
  • QIs Bracket order available for all exchanges?
    Yes you can place order in NSE and BSE both.
  • QIs Bracket order available for cash and futures segment?


  • QCan I place sell orders with Bracket order orders.


  • QIs there any addition charges for Trailing Stoploss facility?

    No this facility is available to all online clients without any additional charges.

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