Where can I get the certificate of holding for my SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bond)? Is it required, or is it held in my Demat?

If you apply for SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) through offline or online mode, it will automatically show in your demat holdings after the date of Issuance. However, if you require a physical certificate, kindly follow these simple steps:

  1. To get a copy of the certificate, send an email with your Demat details and your SGB holding details to RBI via email Id: sgb@rbi.org.in.

  2. The customers will be issued a Certificate of Holding on the date of Issuance of the SGB.

  3. Certificate of Holding can be collected from the issuing banks/SHCIL offices/Post Offices/Designated stock exchanges/agents or obtained directly from RBI by email, if the email address is provided in the application form.