What is the procedure for DP freeze and unfreeze In KSL?

You have the option of freezing the securities in your account to make sure that they can’t be sold for a specific period of time or until you ask us to unfreeze the securities. You will need to fill up a freeze/unfreeze request form and send the physically signed form to our office.

Instructions to fill out the freeze/unfreeze request form.

  1. Fill in the date of sending the instruction
  2. Select Freeze/Unfreeze
  3. Enter demat Client ID which you can find in DP profile section
  4. Select level of freeze/unfreeze i.e., Account level or ISIN level or Quantity level
  5. In case of ISIN level freeze/unfreeze request, you need to provide securities details i.e., ISIN and Security description and type of freeze i.e. Debit only or Debit and Credit.
  6. In case of Quantity level freeze/unfreeze request, you need to provide securities details i.e. ISIN, Security description and Quantity.


  • Frozen for debit implies that the holdings cannot be sold and frozen for credit, so more units of the security cannot be bought. If you only want to place a restriction on selling the holdings, select debit.

  • It should take anywhere from 48 to 72 working hours to process the freeze/unfreeze request.

  • All securities in your demat account (like stocks, mutual funds, G-secs, etc.) can be frozen.

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