What are the charges?

The service is free of charge for first two months.

Click here to activate.

Post two months, the charge for the service is as follows:

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 1500/-

SMS Type Monthly Plan Yearly Plan |mobile header
Fundamental Call
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 1000/-
Technical Call
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 150/-
Rs. 1500/-

The fees would be debited from your ledger account at the beginning of the period. Clients subscribing to either/both SMS service would get "Market Update" SMS complimentary.

Note: these charges are exclusive of Service Tax. Service Tax would be levied as per the applicable rate.


Particulars Date
Subscription Date
April 15, 2022 (assumption post 2 month trial period)
SMS start date
April 16, 2022
Free trial offer date
Till June 14, 2022
Billing date
June 15, 2022
Last date to opt out to avoid billing
On or before June 14, 2022
Plan valid date
Till June 14, 2023