What are the charges while trading from Call & Trade Desk /Dealer in the Trade Free Plan?

A dealer assisted trade is one in which a Kotak Securities representative places a trade on your behalf as per your instructions.

This would incur an additional fee (over and above brokerage) which is as follows in case of Trade free plan:-

  1. If one leg Intraday trade placed by a client and 2nd leg through a dealer : Rs.20 on self-trade and Rs.70 on dealer assisted trade will be charged
  2. If both leg intraday/delivery trades placed by a dealer : Rs.140 will be charged (i.e. Rs. 70 on each leg)
  3. If one leg delivery trade is placed by a dealer : Rs.70 will be charged in addition to brokerage.
  4. If position is liquidated by the risk team : Rs.70 will be charged on each trade in addition to brokerage.

A call & trade desk is a facility where a client can get his/her orders placed through a dedicated team by calling on 1860-266-9191.

A client can even get his/her orders placed through the dealer as well.

Using the Call & Trade is very simple.

  • Call our Call & Trade number on 1800 209 9191(Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6 pm/and for commodities segments till 11:30pm) from anywhere in India

  • Once connected, you will be allotted a dealer.

  • You will have to verify your identity and account details.

  • Our team will place your order.

  • Your online account will be updated and show the order.

The charges to trade from call & trade desk is same as above in addition to the brokerage in case of Trade Free Plan.

Or if you are already in touch with your dealer - You can even get orders placed through directly your dealer.

Or you can email Customer Service on: service.securities@kotak.com to find your dealer details.