Is it mandatory to accept disclaimer/disclosure for smallcase?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to accept a one-time disclaimer/disclosure before you can access smallcase or start investing through smallcases for the first time. Post that either you or your dealer can invest in smallcases or make additional investments, top ups, rebalances, subject to available margins & holdings.

Choose any platform to find out the path for accepting one-time disclaimer

Choose a platform
  1. Login to Kotak Neo
  2. Go to Invest
  3. Click on smallcase
  4. Accept T&C (accepting T&C is only applicable for a first time user)
  1. Login to Kotak Stock Trader app
  2. Go to More
  3. Select Core Investments
  4. Go to smallcase
  1. Login to the Trade Website
  2. Go to More
  3. Select Core Investments
  4. Tap on smallcase
  1. Login to KEAT Pro X
  2. Go to Web Links
  3. Tap on Product Services
  4. Select Smallcase
This feature is not allowed for this platform.