How to Initiate Chat To Trade?

We all know that WhatsApp is today the most common and widely used messaging app people use to chat with family and friends. The app is permanently on in everyone’s smartphone, and has changed the way and frequency with which people communicate with each other. Now, Kotak Securities has launched “Chat to trade” for its customers that simplifies trading as easy as chatting. It is the first broking firm in the BFSI sector to accept trades from customers on WhatsApp & Telegram messaging apps.

Customers can place trade in equity and derivatives segment in the live market via dealer. They can start trading via Chat to Trade by sending a WhatsApp or Telegram message on 7738 988 888 from their registered mobile number. A once-in-lifetime authentication is required, which is done by bots without any human intervention. Authentication process is a two-step process, where the customer has to answer three out of our standard eight security questions followed by generation of login access code. The authenticated chat is then handed over by the system to their respective dealers.

Further, existing customers can also request for fund transfer, margin requirement, portfolio value, and other service related queries.

Chats transcripts are recorded and stored in pdf format, thereby making it un-editable and ensuring complete transparency.

How to Initiate Chat To Trade?

With our equity trading account, you have access to a whole lot of features. Here are some of them:

Step 1: Initiate the chat on 7738 988 888

Step 2: Enter your client code (single/multiple) in # tag format when asked for

E.g. #abcd0

Step 3: One time authentication is initiated i.e. Answer 3 security questions correctly

Step 4: Login access code will be generated on providing correct answers & the same needs to be provided in # tag format i.e. #1111

Authentication successful

Step5: Your chat is routed to your mapped dealer or customer service pool (In case there is no dealer mapped OR mapped dealer is busy)

Step 6: If routed to CS pool dealer then trade access code to be generated

Step7: Enter trade access code in # tag format

Trade authentication successful

Step 8: You can now place the trade order via dealer & dealer will confirm once the order is executed