How is the interest charges calculated on Pay Later (MTF)?

Interest calculation is done on funded amount per share using the below formula from T+1 day onwards.

Funded amount Interest rate p.a. /365*

Example:- Mr. A wanted to Buy 100 shares of ABC limited trading @ Rs.1000. where KSEC is giving 4X leverage. MTF interest rate of Mr A is 12%.

Particulars Calculation Final value
Total Buy value100*1000Rs.1,00,000
Ksec Leverage4X
Margin required1,00,000/4Rs.25,000
KSEC funding25,000 - 1,00,000Rs.75,000
MTF interest rate12%
Interest charged per day75,000*12%/365Rs.24.65 per day

Rs.24.65 is the per day interest that would be charged to the users on the funded amount.