How do I place SL-M or SL-L orders?

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You will have to put 2 orders.

  1. Buy(/Sell) order with your respective parameters

  2. Sell(/Buy) order with your trigger price = stop loss.

For SL-M, put Price = 0 and for SL-L, put Price = desired limit price.

  1. For Buy Limit Stop Loss order Trigger Price ≤ Price

  2. For Sell Limit Stop Loss order Trigger Price ≥ Price

It might be possible that your second order gets executed first if market moves against your expectation. It is recommended that you wait for your first order to get executed before you enter the second order.

Put the value of the "pt" parameter to SL(Stop Loss Limit)/SL-M(Stop Loss Market), and set your trigger price by changing the “tp” parameter.

This feature is not allowed for this platform.