How do I fill in a DIS slip?

You can follow the instructions below to fill the DIS slip:

Follow the instructions below to fill the DIS (delivery instruction slip).

  1. Please select appropriate box for Market Trade OR Off-Market Trades OR Inter Depository Transfer (i.e. NSDL to CDSL or vice versa).

  2. Accordingly fill target account details. CM BP ID, CM Name, Market Type and Settlement Number for Market Trades.

  3. For Off-Market trades, fill out Target DP ID, Target Client ID, Target DP name and provide appropriate reason code and reason/ purpose and consideration (if applicable).

  4. For Inter Depository Transfer, in addition to Target DP ID, Target Client ID and Target DP name, please provide Off-Market details i.e. Reason code, reason/purpose and consideration (if applicable) OR settlement details.

  5. Specify the ISIN of security to be transferred. Confirm this with your transaction statement. A maximum of 4 ISINs can be transferred per DIS. Use multiple DIS if you wish to transfer more than 4 ISINs.

  6. Specify the name of the security to be transferred

  7. Quantity in figures: Specify the quantity in figures.

  8. Quantity in words: Specify the quantity in words.

  9. The account holder’s signature has to be affixed as per the signature recorded in the Kotak Securities demat account.

The instruction reference number and execution date will be filled from our end once the DIS is executed.