How do I dematerialise physical shares that I have inherited from a deceased person?

  • You must submit a DRF Form to the DP together with the appropriate Security Certificates and Documents. You must next submit a request to the DP to delete the deceased's name(s) using the Transmission-Cum-Demat Form. (Enclosed)

  • The deceased person's Notarized Death Certificate must then be enclosed.

  • The DP shall ensure that the Security Certificates given by the Client are registered in the Name(s) of the Client(s) along with the Name(s) of the Deceased and that the order of the Names on the Certificate is the same as the Client Account upon receipt of the aforementioned Documents.

  • The DP will submit the documents to the Issuer or its RTA for further processing while processing the Request for Name Deletion and Dematerialization.

  • When the Issuer or its RTA is satisfied with the documentation supplied, it shall carry out the Name Deletion and then complete the dematerialization request concurrently.