How do I access charts?

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  • For charts to work well, please save NestChart.nap file available at the end of this page in your Nest Plugins folder.
  • You will find Nest Plugins folder at the same location where you have saved your Nest trader terminal with Kotak Securities.
  • To know the location of Nest trader on your system;
  1. Right click on Nest Trader on your desktop
  2. Click on Open File Location

Once NestChart.nap is saved in Nest Plugins folder,

  1. Right-click on any scrip and select the last option “Plugin Commands”
  2. Select the first option Nest Intraday Chart.

The shortcut key for invoking the intraday chart is Shift + P. This shall invoke the chart on the bottom of your Nest Trader screen.

This feature is not allowed for this platform.