How can I withdraw funds from my trading account to my linked bank account?

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To withdraw money from your account,

  1. Go to the funds section and click on withdraw button
  1. You might be prompted to enter your password, however if you have already entered your password once in the day, you will be directly taken to the next step

  2. You will be able to view your withdrawable balance

  3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click on the withdraw money button.

If the request is submitted before 5:30 pm, the amount will be transferred to your primary bank account on next business day subject to availability of funds.

Follow steps below to withdraw funds from your trading account:

  1. Go to Secure Links on the menu bar and select Payout
  1. Select your client ID
  1. Select your bank account and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. Even if you select a secondary bank account, you will receive funds in your primary bank account.
  1. Submit and feel free to modify your amount at this point until 5 pm.

If you have placed your request before 5 pm, you will receive your funds the next day. If you have placed it after 5 pm, you will receive your funds in two trading (T+2) days.

Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw funds via the Kotak Neo mobile app by following steps in the link below: How do I withdraw money from my trading account?

  1. Login to the New Kotak Securities Stock Trader App
  2. Also give App download link here.
  3. Visit Dashboard in the Menu bar given below
  4. Scroll down to Available Margin To Trade
  5. Click on Add/ Withdraw Funds button
  6. Scroll to the right for Withdraw Funds
  1. Enter the amount, select the ledger type Trading: EQ and click on confirm.
  1. Login to with your credentials
  1. Click on Funds in the Menu section on the right top
  1. Go to the Fund Transfer Section
  1. On the fund transfer section:
  • Select Transfer from as Trading

  • Select ledger type in Transfer To as Bank

  • Enter the amount and

  • Click on confirm to place a withdrawal request

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