How can I transfer shares from my Kotak Securities demat account to another demat account offline?

You can transfer shares from your Kotak Securities account to another NSDL/CDSL demat account by submitting the DIS (depository instruction slip) to our office.

Once your DIS is received, we will commence the transfer process. The Depository (NSDL/CDSL) will send a link to your registered email ID and mobile number. You will also be sent an OTP. To complete the transfer, you will need to provide the OTP on the link that is sent by the NSDL/CDSL before 9pm on the executed date.


  • When a direct transfer is made from one demat account to another, it is known as an off-market transfer. There are different reasons why investors would want to make an off-market transfer.

The table below is the List of Reason Codes for off Market /Inter Depository Instructions

Reason Code Reason/purpose
1Off - market Sale
2Margin to stock broker /PCM
3Margin returned by stock-broker/PCM
4Transfer to own account
12Buy -back
13Open Offer for Acquistion
14Redemption of Mutual Fund Units
15Transposition- between joint account of same holders
16Merger /Demerger of corporate entity
17Dissolution/Restructuring /Winding up of Partnership Firm Trust
18Conversion of Depository Receipt(DR) to underlying securities and vice versa
19Trust to Beneficiaries /On HUF dissolution to Karta& Coparceners
20Certificate of Deposit Redemption
22Commercial Paper Issuance
88Transfer Between Minor Account and Gaurdian Account
89Transfer beween Specified family members
Sub -Code of 8901-- Spouse
02-- Father (including step father)
03-- Mother (including step mother)
04-- Son (including step son)
05-- Sons wife
06-- Daughter
07-- Daughter husband
08-- Brother (including step brother)
09-- Sister(including step sister)
10-- Member of same HUF
90Transfer between Partner and Firm, or Director and Company
91Payout - On payment for unpaid securities
94Refund of securities by IEPF Authority
95ESOP/Transfer to employee
96Implementation of Govt . /Regulatory Direction /Orders
97Errorneous Transfer pertaining to Client Securites
98Meeting Legitimate Dues of Stock Broker
  • If you want to make an off-market sale, you have to fill out the Annexure for DIS and send it along with your DIS. It is compulsory to fill the payment details.

  • For an off-market sale, stamp duty is applicable.

  • Off-market, transfer charges will be applicable according to the agreed DP bill tariff.

  • Shares/Mutual Funds holdings that are in free units can be transferred through this process.

  • Shares/Mutual Funds holdings that are under lock-in can’t be transferred using this process.