How can I change my address in trading and DP?

You can change your address online through any of the platforms mentioned in the drop down list:

Choose a platform
  1. Login to Kotak Neo

  2. Show Menu

  3. Go to Additional Services

  4. go to Service & Support

  5. Raise a Service Request

  6. Click on ‘Address Updation’

  7. Click on submit and the esign process will start

You may update the address by clicking here

Details will get auto fetched from KRA if registered, if not KRA verified then client has an option to update the address through digilocker or Aadhar

  1. Login to the Kotak Stock Trading app

  2. Go to More

  3. Click on Help

  4. Go to Service and request

  5. Tap on Address updation

  6. Submit and click - the Esign process will start

  1. Login into the website

  2. Go to Help

  3. Raise a Service request

  4. Click on Address Updation

This feature is not allowed for this platform.