How can I apply for a Buyback/Takeover/Delisting?

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This feature will be launched soon on the Kotak Neo mobile app.

Buybacks, Takeovers, and delisting all fall under Offer to Buy. Offer to Buy is the bid to purchase some or all shares of a company. To place an order for the buyback of shares of a particular company, you first need to hold shares of that company in your DP (Depository Participant).

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Login to Kotak Securities App

Step 2: Click on ‘more’

Step 3: Click on ‘buyback’, under ‘core investment product’

Step 4: Depending on the type of the issue i.e. Buyback/Takeover/Delisting, select the company

Step 5: Fill the order details and submit

This feature is not allowed for this platform.