Can I place a target and stop-loss order simultaneously for my open Futures position?

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You cannot place a stop loss and a profit order for your open Futures positions. But you can place a target and a trailing stop loss order simultaneously while placing the fresh order by using the TSLO BO feature.

  1. Click on search bar of the watchlist
  1. Type in the trading symbol [example: Nifty] and type ‘fut’. You'll see a drop-down of the existing future contracts for that underlying and then click on any of the contracts that you want to trade in. The top most future contract will be visible are of the nearest expiry.
  1. After clicking on the contract you can see the option of buy or sell. Depending on the positions you want to create you can either click on buy or sell.
  1. Once you click on buy/sell you can see the drop down of “view more”. To use the TSLO BO feature you have to click on the drop down arrow.
  1. To enable the TSLO BO feature you can click on the TSLO BO toggle and enable it.
  1. You can enter the trailing stop loss and also the profit order for your futures contracts and then place the order
This feature is not allowed for this platform.
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