Can I choose a fundamental SMS pack as a monthly plan and technical SMS pack as a yearly plan and vice versa?

No. Customers either need to choose a monthly or yearly pack for Research SMS service. Click here to choose a plan of your choice.

Your choice is restricted to the same period only i.e., either monthly or yearly. However if you have subscribed to only one SMS type for yearly plan and would like to subscribe to the other also during the period you may do so. Charge for the second service as a proportion to days left in the first service cycle would be charged. From the following period / cycle (starting from end of first cycle of first service), we will charge as if "BOTH" were selected.


Assumption: A customer subscribes to Fundamental call on 01.08.2022 for yearly plan for which the renewal date will be 01.08.2023. Later on 01.02.2023 he subscribes to Technical call for yearly plan. The charges would be as follows:

Charges for first year:

  • On 01.08.2022: For Fundamental call Rs. 500/-

  • On 01.02.2023: For Technical call Rs.250/- (Rs. 500*remaining days for renewal of Fundamental call)

Renewal charges:

On 01.08.2023: Rs. 750/- only and not Rs. 1000/- (500+500) as this will be treated as subscribed to both SMS types for yearly plan.