For below 30 years of age

Trade Free Youth

Unlock the power of ZERO brokerage with our Trade Free Youth Plan, designed exclusively for traders

for 1st year
₹0Brokerage on all trades
₹0Brokerage on mutual funds and IPOs
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Account opening fee


Switching fees for existing holders

₹499 p.a.

Subscription fee

₹299 for 1st Year & ₹499 for 2nd year
Brokerage and Interest Rates
Intraday Brokerage (For all segments)


Stock Delivery


All carry forward F&O Trades


Interest Charges
Interest on Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

0.049% per day

Interest on outstanding debit balance

0.049% per day

Stock used as margin for derivative trades, if 50:50 cash and collateral


If non cash collateral margin > 50%

0.049% per day

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Trade Free Youth plan is designed for young traders and investors under 30 years of age. The plan offers ZERO brokerage across all segments on all trades with an annual subscription fee of Rs.499 incl. of GST.

We at Kotak Securities understand how you feel about investing, your fears, and willingness to take risks. As a result, we've developed a brokerage plan just for you: Trade Free Youth. Through this plan anyone under the age of 30 can trade in any segment at ZERO brokerage.

To Activate this plan, you have to pay a subscription fee of Rs.499 p.a.(Incl. of Gst) We have ensured that you have to pay no brokerage charges but you might have to incur other basic DP / regulatory charges which can be viewed above

We have specifically crafted this plan for our clients below the age of 30, after understanding their investment philosophy, saving patterns and risk taking ability. If your friend is below 30, yes, you can refer it to them.

Unfortunately no. This plan does not apply to any of the below listed individuals (barring the age criteria):

  • Kotak Securities employees

  • NRIs

  • Non-individual customers

  • Offline customers

  • Franchisee clients

In case your friend is still looking to invest, the person can get in touch with our customer care service 1800 209 9191 or drop us a whatsapp at 77389 88888

Yes. The plan is valid for a period of 2 years with an annual subscription fee of Rs.499 (incl. of gst) post which you will be shifted to the Trade Free Plan

Where as the brokerage charge on trades is zero, if you place an order through a dealer, yes, you will have to incur a charge of Rs. 49 per traded order (Subject to maximum of 2.5% regulatory allowed brokerage).

Securities Loan & Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM) stands for Securities Lending & Borrowing Mechanism, and YES, you will be charged a very low lending and borrowing fee, as well as a minimum cost of 10 paise per share. It is only applicable to SLBM orders and does not apply to any other orders.

No. Even if you turn 30 the day after you subscribe, you will be locked into this plan for the next two years.

If you already hold an account with Kotak Securities, you can login to the below platforms and subscribe to the Trade Free Youth Plan.

  • Website ( :Login > Click on more > New launches >Select Trade Free Youth >Subscribe now

  • Kotak stock trader mobile app: Login > go to MORE> Trade Free Youth > Subscribe now

  • Kotak Neo mobile app : Login> Profile section> Account details> Explore brokerage plans>Proceed with Trade Free Youth>Subscribe Now

If you don’t have an account with Kotak Securities, please open an account and select the Trade Free Youth while choosing a plan.

Yes, you can shift to Trade Free or Trade Free max products from the post login section. Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for a refund of the subscription fees you have paid for Trade Free Youth Plan. If you have any questions or would want to learn more about our other products, please contact our customer service representative at +91 1800 209 9191 or send a Whatsapp on 77389 88888 number.

Yes, we'd be delighted if any of your friends choose this option. We believe that investment should not be limited to anyone; therefore, this plan is open to everyone under the age of 30. This plan, we're confident, will be a critical first step in starting your financial path and building wealth. If you'd like to recommend it to a friend, please use the referral link

Under this plan your brokerage charges are free of cost, however all other charges are applicable and can be viewed above in the Taxes & Regulatory, demat charges and other charges section

Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue with this plan because it is only valid for two years after which we will automatically switch you to our Trade Free plan

You can find all the details about the Trade-free plan here .

Yes, you can opt to the Trade Free Youth by logging in to the website (or Kotak Neo mobile application.

It is very easy to subscribe for the Trade Free Youth Plan , Kindly follow the below steps : Website

1.Login 2.Click on ‘More’ 3.New launches 4.Trade Free Youth 5.Subscribe Now To subscribe through ‘Old View’

1.New Products 2.Trade Free Youth

  1. Subscribe Now For the app

1.Login 2.Click on ‘More’ 3.Trade Free Youth 4.Subscribe Now

A dealer assisted trade is one in which a Kotak Securities representative places a trade order on behalf of a client as per his/her instructions. This would incur fee as follows:-

  • If one leg Intraday trade placed by a client and 2nd leg through a dealer : Rs.49 on dealer assisted trade will be charged

  • If both leg intraday trades placed by a dealer : Rs.98 will be charged (i.e. Rs. 49 on each leg)

  • If one leg or both leg delivery trades placed by a dealer : Rs.49 on each leg will be charged

  • If position liquidated by risk team : Rs.49 per order

Kotak Securities offers new-age online trading plans. Investors under the age of 30 can enjoy the benefits of the Trade Free Youth Plan, which offers ZERO brokerage on all intraday trades. Meanwhile, investors above the age of 30 enjoy ZERO brokerage on all trades via the Trade Free Plan.

You can check your brokerage charges with the help of our brokerage calculator

All brokerage plans at Kotak Securities are competitively priced. You can find the breakdown of brokerage charges on each trade type by visiting

The formula for the calculation of brokerage in the stock market is by multiplying the number of shares purchased or sold, Executed Price, and Brokerage percentage. To make this tedious process simpler, Kotak Securities provides an online calculator for its investors.

To release your unutilized pledged securities, you can call our customer service at 1800-209-9191, Mon-Sat from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

The demat AMC charges at Kotak Securities amount to Rs 600 per year.

The account opening as per the Trade Free Youth plan is free. For the Trade Free Plan, the account opening charges are Rs 99.

If a position is liquidated by the RMS in case of margin or debtors shortfall, additional brokerage of Rs.100 per executed order will be charged over and above the brokerage rate. (Subject to maximum of 2.5% regulatory allowed brokerage)

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