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Double the joy of investing through our referral program

on every successful account opened (max cap of 4 accounts per month)


of brokerage generated from your referee for 2 years

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Refer your friends and earn rewards
Explore the opportunity to earn while referring your friends to Kotak Securities with our Refer and Earn program! Watch the video to learn more about the process of referring and its advantages.

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Referrer is an existing client/ customer of Kotak Securities, who refers his friends/ family for opening demat & trading account with Kotak Securities.

Referee is an individual who has been referred for opening his/ her demat & trading account with Kotak Securities by the Referrer.

Referrer will earn rewards at 2 different stages as follows:

  • ₹500 on each successful referral, max cap of 4 per month
  • 10% of brokerage generated from your referral, for 2 years

Account opening benefits will be limited to 4 per month. But 10% brokerage sharing will be eligible for all the clients you refer for 2 years.

The referral program is open only to existing clients/ customers of Kotak Securities.

Sadly, not. This "Refer and Earn" program is strictly meant for clients/ customers of Kotak Securities only. Hence, all employees (and their immediate family members) of Kotak Securities and Kotak Group are not eligible for this "Refer & Earn" program.

In order for the referral to be considered as successful, the person referred needs to open the account by clicking on the unique referral link shared by Referrer. If the referred person (also known as Referee) opens the account without clicking on the referral link, then in such case the Referrer will not be eligible for the referral reward. The referee should not have registered with Kotak Securities in the past.

If Referee is below 30 years of age, with the Trade Free Youth Plan, they will get the following benefits:

  • ZERO brokerage for delivery trades
  • ZERO brokerage on intraday and F&O trades
  • ZERO brokerage for IPO and mutual funds

If Referee is above 30 years of age, with the Trade Free Plan, they will get the following benefits:

  • ZERO brokerage on all intraday trades
  • ZERO brokerage on mutual funds & IPOs
  • ₹20 per order for carry forward F&O trades

To start referring, you can enter your registered mobile number in the form above and generate your unique referral link. You can share this link directly with your friends over WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social platforms.

You can also visit the "Refer & Earn" section of your mobile app & share your unique link with friends directly.

The rewards will be credited to your Referral Ledger in the form of Referral Points at various stages as follows:

  • The first reward of ₹500 on successful account opening will be credited on T+3 working days
  • The 10% brokerage share will be credited on 20th of the following month

The Referrer can redeem the rewards (Referral Points) by adjusting against equity.

Generate your unique referral link
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