Guidance and support from our dedicated dealers

Dealer Assisted Plan

A dedicated dealer to plan, discuss and strategize your investments.

0.039%For cash intraday trades
₹39/lotFor equity and commodity options
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Account opening fee


Subscription fee

₹499 + GST (one time)

Fee for switching from exsiting Kotak Securities account

₹499 + GST (one time)
Brokerage and Interest Rates
Stock Delivery

0.39% or ₹21 whichever is higher

Stock Intraday

0.39% or ₹21 whichever is higher

Stock & Index Futures


Stock & Index Options

₹39 per lot

Currency Futures

₹9 per lot

Currency Options

₹5 per lot

Commodity Futures


Commodity Options

₹39 per lot

Interest Charges
Interest on Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

15.50% p.a.

Interest on outstanding debit balance

18.00% p.a.

Stock used as margin for derivative trades

9.00% p.a.

Note: If you are an existing customer, please reach out to the Customer service team to migrate to the dealer assisted plan.

Still have questions?

Yes, your trading account will be mapped to an assigned dealer. You can place your orders and also discuss markets/ investments over the call.

Apart from placing/ executing your orders, the assigned dealer can act as financial advisor to you – and assist you manage your entire portfolio basis on your risk appetite. You can also share & discuss your trading/ investment ideas with the dealer before placing the order.

No. All taxes would be levied over and above the brokerage rates mentioned above.

No the account opening fee would not be reversed.

Yes you can continue to place orders completely by yourself and that too at the same brokerage rates.

Yes. All orders placed by dealers would show up in your order and trade log on the web platform and mobile app.

Yes. You can perform one leg of the order with a dealer and square off at your end, without any extra charges.

Yes. You can cancel or modify unexecuted orders placed by dealers through the online platforms.

You can place all types of orders through the dealer.

If a position is liquidated by the RMS in case of margin or debtors shortfall, additional brokerage of Rs.100 per executed order will be charged over and above the brokerage rate. (Subject to maximum of 2.5% regulatory allowed brokerage)

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