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Zoom Trade : No Brokerage on Square Off

In the derivatives market, options trading can be quite exciting! Here’s an offer to help improve your adrenaline rush:

Enjoy no brokerage if you square-off your Options trades within 5 minutes

Sounds too good to be true? Here are the dos and don’ts.

When is it applicable:

- For all trading days between 27th Sept 2019 to 31st Oct 2019

- Self generated trades by customers who place their trades via any of the following online trading platforms:

  • Website
  • Kotak Stock Trader
  • KEAT Pro X
  • TradeSmart Terminal
  • ODIN Diet

- Orders that are squared off within 5 minutes of order placement

- Orders that trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty contracts

- Orders placed under normal or Super Multiple option product

When is it NOT applicable on orders:

- That are not in the Options segment

- That are not squared off within 5 minutes of order placement

- Placed through dealers

- Placed on ODIN Wave app

- Placed in the cash equity/currency/commodities segments

For more details, head to the terms & conditions page here.

Who should opt for this offer?

- Options traders

- If you like to square off quickly

- High-volume traders

- If you want to save on brokerage

Note: Please read the offer details carefully before placing any trade. Read the full terms & conditions here.

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