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Open a demat account in Bengaluru

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • Bengaluru is the undisputed tech capital of India. From fearless start-ups to cutting-edge knowledge centres, the city stays on top of every trend, innovation, and insight.

    And the latest innovations do become a way of life for Bengaluru residents. There’s an app to get your house cleaned and one to pick up the charger you left at a friend’s party. There’s also a digital wallet that gives you a discount each time you pay your BESCOM power bill. Every part of your Bengaluru experience is assisted by technology. There’s no reason why your finances should be otherwise.

    Are you looking to dabble in the stock market? Enhance your trading experience with a demat account from Kotak Securities.

    Benefits of a Kotak Securities demat account:

    Online trading made easy

    A demat account helps you settle all your trades electronically. There’s no paper certificate to tote around. You can track the markets and transfer funds from anywhere.

    Trade via mobile app

    Download the trading app Kotak Stock Trader to save time. Trade over the phone as you take a walk around Cubbon Park. Engage in trading at your convenience.

    Time-saving transfers

    Quick transfers through your demat account help you keep up with life in the fast lane. Time is money after all, and never more so than in the stock market.

    Paperwork reduced

    Your demat account ensures digital storage of data and certificates. No more files and folders to clutter your work table. Even account opening is hassle-free.

    Customised solutions

    In Bengaluru, you get so many personalised offers. Expect as much from the Kotak Securities demat account. Even your fees and charges are streamlined according to your usage.

    Safety prioritised

    A demat account stores your holdings in a secure electronic form. No more worrying about forgery, damage, or loss. At Kotak Securities, keeping your data safe is a priority.

    No trading restrictions

    With Kotak Securities, you can go as high or as low as you want. Buy and sell just a single share if you want to. There is no ‘minimum order’ to worry about.

    3-in-1 package deal

    Stuck in traffic at Whitefield? Track the markets through your Trinity Account. Get demat, trading, and savings accounts all in one package.

    Extra funds for traders

    Spotted a great stock, but short on funds? Fret not. Kotak Securities offers margin trading. Do the trade first and then talk money with us.

    Trade Free Plan

    Here’s a sweetener if you need one: Enjoy Trade Free Plan with Kotak Securities. Buy and sell shares in a single trading day at no extra charge.

    Latest insights

    Kotak Securities makes sure you are on top of the latest research. Access a range of reports on the financial markets. Take an informed decision when you trade.

    Don’t live in Bengaluru? Kotak Securities offers demat services in these cities too: