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  • QWhat is Free Intraday Trading?

    Free Intraday Trading is a unique product for online clients who wish to opt for “Free Intraday Brokerage” on all self-traded intraday orders. Both side orders need to be self-traded.

    A Self Traded order is one in which both the buy and sell leg of the order is placed by the client directly on the online trading platform provided by Kotak Securities Ltd.

  • QWhat is the fee for the Free Intraday Trading offering?

    Rs. 999/- + taxes for opening a new a/c under this offering applicable both for a new customers opening a/c under this offering or existing customers opting for this offering.

  • QWhat all is included in Free Intraday Trading offering?
    • Free Intraday Trading for all self-generated Intraday trades i.e. all intraday trades placed online (both Buy and Sell side) in Cash and Eq. Derivative segments
    • Access to Research on trading platforms
  • QWhat is self-generated Intraday trades?

    Intraday Trades (both leg) placed on below platforms only

    • Kotak Stock Trader App
    • Website
    • Fastlane
    • KEAT
    • Trade Smart Terminal
  • QFor whom is Free Intraday Trading facility available?

    Free Intraday Trading product is valid only for self-generated intraday order in Cash & Equity Derivative segments. A Self-generated intraday order is one in which both the buy and sell leg order are placed by the client directly on the online trading platform provided by Kotak Securities Ltd.

  • QHow can I activate Free Intraday Trading facility?
    • Activation process for New Clients: New Client can activate the service while signing the physical AOF & opening account through Digital process.
    • Activation process for Existing Clients: To activate the service client can login to www.kotaksecurities.com and click on trading platform -> Menu -> New Products -> Free Intraday Trading (FIT) -> Start Now for Rs. 999/Year.
  • QIs Free Intraday Trading available to all customers?

    Free Intraday Trading offering is only for Resident Online customers only. This facility is not available for offline clients

  • QWhich trades do not qualify under Free Intraday Trading?

    Following trades do not qualify:

    • Super Multiple orders (Cash, Future & Options), Derivative plus & Option plus orders
    • Currency derivatives & Commodity trades
  • QWhat is the validity of Free Intraday Trading offering?

    Free Intraday Trading offer is valid for 365 days from the day of subscription.

  • QIs there any capping on volume for the year?

    No, client can place unlimited trades for the year

  • QIs Intraday trading completely free or there is any brokerage?

    Only Nominal brokerage of 1 paisa per scrip/ underlying expiry contract level would be levied

  • QWhat would be the statutory and other charges?

    Statutory and other charges would be as applicable as mentioned in the a/c opening form.

  • QWhat is the standard brokerage rate applicable for dealer assisted trades on non-Intraday trades

    Standard Brokerage rate is as per below:

    Delivery Intraday Eq. Future Eq. Option Currency Future Currency option
    0.39 % 0.039% 0.039% Rs 75 per lot 0.03% or Rs 15 per lot whichever is higher Rs 15/- Per Lot
  • QWhat if one leg of the trade is placed online while another leg is executed by dealer/ customer care?

    In this scenario Free Intraday Trading would not be applicable and brokerage as per customer’s brokerage slab would be applicable

  • QWhat if customer has placed a self-intraday trade but it has been modified by dealer or customer service agent, will it qualify under free intraday trade?

    No, benefit of Free Intraday Trading would not be given

  • QWhat if the position are squared off through expiry/ exercise or assignment of contracts on the same day?

    Such trades would be considered as eligible client self-traded orders and would be considered under Free Intraday Trading provided first leg of order was placed online

  • QWhat would happen for cases where KS has liquidated positions for meeting margin deficiencies?

    Such trades would not be eligible as self-trade by client and would apply brokerage as per customer’s brokerage slab

  • QWill the volume generated under Free Intraday Trading qualify for calculation of volume under differential brokerage plans such as Green channel, KPS plan etc.?


  • QHow would the renewal happen post 1 year?

    This is an auto-renewal product and customers would be informed 15 days prior to expiry in case if customer wants to unsubscribe from the offer.

    In case customers do not unsubscribe before expiry offer would be auto renewed

  • QWhat is the process of de-activation?

    To deactivate the product clients can login to the trading platform -> Menu -> New Products -> Free Intraday Trading (FIT) -> Unsubscribe

  • QWhat refund amount would be processed if there is a deactivation before 1 year?

    In case of discontinuation/ transfer of plan/ change in brokerage charges/ closure (by the clients)/suspension/ termination, the product fees plus applicable taxes will NOT be reversed in full or part.

    However, if the product is withdrawn by Kotak Securities on immediate effective eligible amount will be credited to the clients OR the product will be active till the last eligible date for existing client.

    Note: During this period no fresh request will be allowed for New & existing clients.

  • QWhat is the TAT for Activation/ Deactivation of the Free Intraday Trading service?

    Any activation /deactivation request marked before 3.00 PM on a working day the service will be actioned in the same day.

    Any activation /deactivation request marked after 3.00 PM on a working day the service will be actioned by the end of the next working day.

  • QCan a customer re-activate after de-activation?

    Yes by following the same process of activation. Again customer has to pay Rs. 999/- + taxes

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