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  • QFor whom is this applicable to?
    This is applicable to online trading customers.
  • QWhat is Fastlane?
    Fastlane is a powerful trading tool that kotaksecurities.com provides to you.Using fastlane an investor can place orders, create personalized watch lists of stocks,view orders,modify order status etc.
  • QHow do I create a watchlist on Fastlane?

    The moment the investor reaches the fastlane page,he/she is shown a streamer of nifty stocks as default.Inorder to create a personalized watchlist of stocks the investor has to follow the following steps:

    • Right click on the streamer
    • A rightclick menu will appear.
    • Here you may go to the watchlist option.
    • Here you can view (nifty 50 and junior nifty are provided as default), delete, rename and create your own watchlist.
    • If you click on create new, you will be asked to name your watchlist and thena blank watchlist would be created.
  • Q How can I add/delete scrips from the watchlist?

    The investor is not allowed to add or delete scrips from the default nifty watchlists. However he/she may customize the watchlists that you have created.

    • To add a scrip, rightclick on the streamer table, and select add scrip option.
    • In the window that opens you may write the name (or first few letters) of the scrip that you want to add, and press ok.
    • The relevant scrips will be displayed in the window.
    • Click on the scrip you want and press done.
    • The scrip will be added and will be there on your particular watchlist sorted in alphabetical order.
    • This watchlist will remain specific to your login irrespective of the PC you operate.
    • To delete a scrip right click on the scrip and go to the delete specific scrip option.there is no limit to the number of scrips that you may wish to add in a particular watchlist.
  • QWhat is Fastlane?

    How can I place orders on fast lane?

    • Right click on the particular scrip.
    • Go to the buy or sell option as desired.
    • The relevant scrips will be displayed in the window.
    • Click on the scrip you want and press done.
    • Alternatively you may press F1 for buy or F2 sell.
    • Please note that the below window will open depending on the scrip which is selected (denoted by the scrip name in blue)
    • You may scroll up or down using the up or down keys on the keyboard, or you may press the first letter of the scrip.
    • In the window below enter the desired quantity and price and other details if necessary, and place order.
    • Confirm your trading password and the order will be fired into NSE.
    • To view details of the scrip you may rightclick on the scrip and ask for view details or altrernatively press F5 or F6.
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