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+ Expand AllAccount Security Key FAQs

  • QFor whom is this facility available?

    This facility is available only for online trading customers.

  • QWhy is Kotak Securities issuing the Security Key to customers?

    Kotak Securities is committed to keep the account of all its customers safe and secure. To take this commitment forward, the Security Key is being given to the customers to ensure that online trading at www.kotaksecurities.com remains highly secured.

  • QIs this Security Key introduced for all the clients ?

    Security is being introduced for clients in phases. Before dispatching the Security Key to clients they will be informed about it.

  • QWhat should be done once I receive the Security Key?

    Once you receive the Security Key, activate the same by logging on to www.kotaksecurities.com within 10 days from the date of receipt, else you won't be able to login by using your username and password only. To login you will have to activate your Security Key.

  • QFrom when do I need to use Security Key for logging in after activation of the key ?

    You will have to use Security Key for logging in to you account immediately after activation. For trading in equity you don't have to use trading password immediately after activation but for MF & IPO use of trading password will be removed form the next day.

  • QHow do I use this Key?

    Using this Key is very simple, just type in the 6 digit numbers generated by this key while logging into your trading account.

    While logging in you have to fill 3 fields on the screen.

    • User ID
    • Password
    • Security Key

    Once you enter your user ID & password, you need to follow the process mentioned below.

    • Press the white button to view the 6 digit dynamic password.
    • Insert the set of 6 digit numbers immediately in the dynamic password field of the login page.
    • Every time you switch on the Key, a new set of numbers will appear.
    • Press the same button to switch off the Key, else the screen will automatically blank out after 50 seconds.
  • QDo I need to enter my trading password after entering the 6 digit password generated by the Security Key?

    No, once you enter your login password and Security Key generated by the Key, you can trade directly. There won't be a separate trading password for placing trade. Only at the time of activation of the Key, you will have to enter your trading password.

  • QCan I use my Security Key when I am traveling abroad?


  • QHow can I trade if I forget my Security Key?

    If you forgot your Security Key, you have to visit our website and click on link 'Forgot Security Key' and place your request for a temporary Security Key password and the same will be generated and sent to your registered mobile phone. By using this temporary password you can trade on that day.
    You could place a request for a temporary password for a maximum of 3 times consequently and beyond that your request won't be processed and you would have to place request for new key through link 'Lost Security Key'. A new Key would be dispatched to you within 10 days from the date of request. There is a charge of Rs. 600/- for the new key.

  • QWhat should be done if I lose my Security Key?

    If you lose your Security Key, you will have to visit our website and click on link 'Lost Security Key' and place your request for a new key. A new key would be dispatched to you within 10 days from the date of request. There is a charge of Rs.600/- for this service.

  • QIs the same process of activation required after the receipt of the new key?

    Yes, you need to follow same process of activation.

  • QWill my account be safe if the Security Key is stolen or reaches wrong hands?

    If someone steals the Security Key, they still do not have your existing username and password, which only you know. Hence they cannot access your account. In case if such a thing happens you should immediately inform about it to our customer care at 1800 222 299 or 30305757. Our customer care will immediately freeze the usage of that security key.

  • QI place my orders through 'Call & Trade', how do I use this key for placing 'Call & Trade' orders?

    While placing order through 'Call & Trade' you would be verified by a personal question and post verification. You would also be asked to provide the dynamic password that is generated in your Security Key. Once the access is validated the trade would be placed on your behalf.

  • QIn case I do not carry the Key with me, how can I place order through 'Call & Trade'?

    You could still trade through our 'Call & Trade' facility wherein you will have to get in touch with our call center executives and go through the verification questions for security purpose & post verification you would be provided with a temporary dynamic password which would be sent to you by SMS to your registered mobile number. You can use this temporary password for placing order through 'Call & Trade'.

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