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  • QHow can I transfer the funds to my Mutual funds ledger?

    Funds can be transferred from the sources below via the money transfer link at www.kotaksecurities.com

    - Bank

    - Equity *

    * - NRI clients cannot transfer funds from Equity to Mutual funds ledger and vice versa.

  • QHow can I transfer funds from my Mutual funds ledger with Kotak Securities to my Bank account?
    Through Mutual funds/ IPO to Bank request, you can transfer the funds from your Mutual funds ledger to your trading linked bank account.
    Link to place request: www.kotaksecurities.com > Money transfer
  • QBy what time will the funds be credited to my bank account?

    Turn around time (TAT) to credit the funds in your bank account depends on various conditions such as:

    • If the request is received before 5:30 PM on a working day then request will be processed on same day & the funds will be credited by bank on next working day.
    • If Bank to MF & MF to bank request is placed on same day then the request will be processed on next working day & funds will be credited to your bank account on the next to next working day i.e. T+2 day from the date request.
    • Here working day refers to a working day at both the ends- Kotak Securities Ltd as well as the respective Bank.I n case it is non-working day for either of parties the day will be considered as "Non working day" for the process.
  • QI have transferred funds from my bank account to Mutual funds via money transfer link at kotaksecurities.com. The amount has been debited to my bank account but is not reflecting in my mutual funds ledger.

    There could be several reason for a delay in crediting the funds to your Mutual funds ledger, some of which are :

    • Due to jammed web-traffic
    • Due to maintenance work at Bank's website.
    • Due to heavy load on server
    • Due to some other technical errors

    Under such instances please don't panic as our reconciliation team does take care of such failure cases and if the credit is received, the same is credited to the appropriate ledger account. In case of urgency/emergency, please call our customer service team on 18602669191 or write to sevice.securities@kotak.com

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  • Security of Equity Investments.
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