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+ Expand All Online Trading in BSE

  • Q For whom is this facility available?
    AThis facility is available only for online trading customers.
  • Q How do I place orders under BSE?
    AYou can add scrip in your watch list after selecting the exchange as BSE. Once the scrip is added, you can place orders in just the same way as you place NSE orders.
  • Q Do I need a separate watch list to view BSE scrip rates?
    ANo, you can view the NSE and BSE scrip rates in the same watch list.
  • Q Can I sell stock under BNST-G?
    AYes. BNST-G is available for trading in BSE. Please click here to view the scrips available under BNST-G.
  • Q I have bought some stock on NSE; can I sell the same under BNST-G in BSE and vice versa?
    ANo, you cannot sell the shares at another exchanges. Shares bought at NSE under BNST-G cannot be sold at BSE or vice versa
  • Q Can I trade under Super Multiple?
    ANo. You cannot avail the Auto-Square off facility for trading in BSE but you can avail this facility for NSE trades.
  • Q Can I avail Margin Trading Facility for BSE trades?
    ANo, you cannot avail this facility for BSE trades but you have avail it for NSE trades.
  • Q What is the rate of interest being charged for using Margin Finance?
    APlease click here to refer to charges for special services.
  • Q Can I buy stock in NSE and sell the same in BSE or vice versa?
    AYou need to take delivery of the stock bought on NSE and then sell the same in BSE and vice versa. That is, you cannot buy in NSE and square off the same in BSE.
  • Q What will be the brokerage charged?
    AThe brokerage structure remains the same as applicable for cash segment.

Note: KSL may or may not offer trading in different segments / Exchanges at any point of time, irrespective of client opting for the same. Client may reach out to their relationship manager or customer service to learn more about our offerings.

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