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Basic Information

  • QWhat is Autoinvest?
    AutoInvest is a new offering from Kotak Securities through which you can take advantage of systematic investment planning (SIP) in selected Stocks. Through an SIP, you can invest in a set of stocks of your choice at frequent intervals automatically.
  • QWho can avail this facility?
    All customers having an Online account with Kotak Securities including NRIs can avail this facility.
  • QWhat is an AutoInvest Instruction?
    An AutoInvest Instruction is an online instruction give by you to Kotak Securities to place buy orders in your account as per the details specified. Kotak Securities would place orders on your behalf on specified dates as per the SIP schedule.
  • QWhat is the difference between AutoInvest Instruction and AutoInvest order?
    AutoInvest Instruction is an authorization given by you to Kotak Securities for placing buy orders as per your instructions mentioned in the Instruction. The orders placed by Kotak Securities as per your authorization vide the SIP Instruction are called AutoInvest orders.
  • QWhat are the types of AutoInvest Instructions I can choose?
    You may select either Amount based SIP Instruction or Quantity based SIP Instruction. You can indicate your choice by selecting the desired option at the time of placing the AutoInvest Instruction.
  • QWhat is "Amount" based SIP?
    Amount based AutoInvest is an SIP type wherein a fixed amount (or approximately the same) is invested in your desired scrips at each frequency.
  • QWhat is "Quantity" based SIP?
    Quantity based AutoInvest is a SIP type wherein a fixed quantity of shares of your desired scrip is purchased at each frequency.
  • QWhat is "SIP Name" and why is it required?
    You can choose a Name for every new SIP that you register under AutoInvest. This feature will help you tag an objective for your SIP and remember its dues regularly. For example, you can name an SIP in your spouse’s name, child’s name or in the name of your dream like "Home". You can choose a name with upto 10 characters. Also, you cannot choose the same name for 2 different SIPs.
  • QWhat is meant by "Frequency" and "Total Period"?

    'Frequency' means the time interval, after the start date, with which you wish SIP orders to be placed in your account. 'Total Period' refers to the number of times the order should be executed.

    The following are the different frequencies and the maximum period that is allowed:

    Frequency Maximum Period that’s allowed
    Daily 500
    Weekly 100
    Fortnightly 50
    Monthly 24

    For example:, If you have placed a SIP Instruction for buying 100 shares of ONGC at a 'Monthly' frequency for a total period of 2 months with start date 12-07-2011 Kotak Securities will place 2 orders for this SIP i.e. the first order being on the Start date and the other order in the next month after the start date on a monthly frequency.

  • QIs there any additional fee for this facility?
    No additional charges.

How to Activate this service

  • QHow can I avail this Facility?
    • Logon to www.kotaksecurities.com
    • Visit Place Order
    • Click on AutoInvest.
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click "Activate"

Registering / Cancelling / Modifying an SIP

  • QHow do I register an SIP?

    To start investing through AutoInvest, you will have to follow 3 easy steps as mentioned below:

    • Login to your Kotaksecurities.com account
    • Go to Place Order and click on "AutoInvest"
    • If you had already activated the service, you would get to see a link named "Register an SIP". Click on the section.
    • Provide all the detail asked in the form and click Submit.
    • Your AutoInvest instruction will be received by Kotak Securities and orders will be executed as per the schedule.
    • You can also check the scrips in which AutoInvest orders can be placed in the 'Stock List' page.
    • Click on 'Start an SIP' on the stock that you prefer and register the SIP.
  • QCan I cancel a SIP Instruction?
    Yes. You can cancel an On-going SIP Instruction at any time before Kotak Securities has initiated order placement on the order placement date. You can cancel your SIP Instruction by visiting the AutoInvest Status page under the AutoInvest page of your online trading account. You can also cancel individual scrip orders in each instruction.Once you cancel a SIP Instruction, all future orders to be placed against such SIP Instruction no. would stand cancelled.
  • QHow can modify my SIP instruction?
    You can modify your SIP instruction by clicking 'Modify' in the SIP status page. In the modify page only Period, Amount/Quantity can be modified.You can also stop individual scrip orders in an SIP instruction by clicking on 'Stop SIP' button in the 'Modify' page.Please note that SIP Type, Frequency, Stock Name, Exchange & SIP Start Date will not be editable.

Money transfer

  • QHow much money should I maintain in my account every month?
    AutoInvest orders are executed based on the margin available in your trading account. The margin amount can constitute both security margin as well as the cash margin. After the AutoInvest order gets executed, you can check the balance in your account and transfer funds accordingly.Kotak Securities would send you reminders via SMS and E-mail for every SIP order that’s due, at least a day before, so that you may wish to transfer the funds in advance.
  • QWill my bank account be debited directly for the AutoInvest orders?
    No. For all Autoinvest orders, the money will be debited only from your ledger unless you have opted for an auto-debit facility. To know more about the auto-debit facility, click here.

Order Execution

  • QAt what price will my AutoInvest orders be placed and where can I see details of the same?
    You All AutoInvest orders will placed as market orders. Limit orders are not allowed. You can view the details of all successfully executed SIP orders in your account in the Periodic Transactions.
  • QWhen would Kotak Securities place my AutoInvest orders?
    AutoInvest orders will be sent to the exchange on the scheduled SIP date.
  • QWhat is the cut-off time for Modify/Cancel SIP Instruction?
    Between 10 AM to 12 PM, you will not be allowed to modify or cancel your SIP Instruction. Also, orders cancelled/modified before 10 AM will be effected on the same days and the orders cancelled/modified after 12 PM will be effected the next trading day.
  • QCan I schedule the SIP for a later date?
    Yes. While registering for an SIP, you need to mention the start date for the Instruction. You first order will get initiated accordingly. The start date should be at least 24 Hrs from the time of registration and not later than 30 days.
  • QHow many scrips can I invest in a single Instruction?
    You can choose upto a maximum of Five stocks per instruction.
  • QWhich stocks I can buy through AutoInvest?
    No. we have limited the SIP stock list to onlty the liquid stocks as per our risk management system. You can view all the stocks that are allowed under AutoInvest facility by visiting the "Stock List" page.
  • QWhat is the minimum and the maximum amount for an SIP?
    The minimum amount for an SIP is Rs.500 and there is no upper limit for the amount.
  • QIs there a possibility that my entire SIP order may not be executed at the exchange?
    Yes. Kotak Securities takes no responsibility of the orders rejected by the exchange for any reason.
  • QHow will my AutoInvest transactions be settled?
    Settlement of AutoInvest transactions would be done in the same manner as cash transactions.
  • QCan I sell shares which I have bought through AutoInvest?
    Yes. Shares bought in your demat account through AutoInvest are at par with the ones bought by you in the cash segment. You can therefore sell/ otherwise deal in such shares at any time as per your requirement.
  • QDo I need to log in on every SIP date to place the AutoInvest orders?
    No. Once you have placed your AutoInvest Instructions, Kotak Securities will place the AutoInvest buy orders on your behalf. You need not login to your account to purchase the shares.
  • QCan I place "Quantity" and "Amount" based SIP Instruction in the same scrip simultaneously?
    You can choose both, Quantity as well as Amount based, SIP Instruction simultaneously for different scrips or the same scrip. However, you will have to place two different SIP Instructions for each SIP type in each Scrip.
  • QI am an NRI customer. What happens if the scrip in which I have an SIP gets blocked due to RBI regulations?
    If the SIP contains only thosescrips which later have been blocked then the entire SIP will get cancelled. However, if only some scrips in SIP are blocked then only that scrip will not be triggered, remaining SIP will be executed.Later if RBI restriction is removed, SIP won’t get re-activated for that scrip on its own. You will have to register for a new SIP.
  • QWhat happens if my Autoinvest order is due on a Holiday?
    The order will get executed on the next trading day.
  • QCan I place AutoInvest Instruction for Sell transactions?
    No. You can place SIP Instructions for "buy" orders only under the AutoInvest facility.
  • QCan I place AutoInvest Instruction through Call & Trade?
    You can place your AutoInvest Instruction through Call & Trade only after you have accepted the Terms and Conditions applicable for the AutoInvest facility by logging in to your account on Kotaksecurities.com.
  • QIn which exchanges can I place AutoInvest Instructions?
    You can place AutoInvest Instructions for placing SIP orders in both NSE as well as BSE.
  • QCan I place an SIP instruction in BSE if I am registered only in NSE?
    No, you can place an order only in that exchange for which you are registered. If you place an instruction in BSE then the order will be rejected at the time of execution.


  • QWhere can I view the status of all my AutoInvest Instructions?
    The "Status Page" under the AutoInvest tab can give you a report on the status of each instruction and number of orders processed under it.
  • QHow can I see the details of executed SIP orders?
    To view the SIP transactions, go to 'My Account' in the post-login section. Click on ‘Periodic Transaction’ from the drop down select 'SIP' and click on submit.
  • QWhere can I view the SIP Stock list?
    You can view the 'SIP Stock List' page on the following path:

    AutoInvest> SIP Stock List
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