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  • QWhat is Super Multiple Option?

    Super Multiple Option order is an order which is placed along with a compulsory stop loss trigger. Since such kind of orders have limited risk, this order type offers exposure for intraday options writing. Any open position that is not squared off before 3:20 pm would get automatically squared off by our system.

  • QIs Super Multiple Option order available for all exchanges?

    Super Multiple Option order type is available under NSE Options only.

  • QIs it available for all contracts?
    Currently Super Multiple Option orders are available for Nifty and Bank Nifty options contracts only.
  • QWhat are the available contracts under Super Multiple Option?
    Available contract are decided based on at the money (ATM) level. ATM for Nifty is calculated by rounding off the current month Nifty future to the nearest multiple of 50. For Bank Nifty, ATM is calculated by rounding off the current month future to the nearest multiple of 100.

    Nifty Put: ATM-500, ATM-450, ATM-400, ATM-350, ATM-300, ATM-250, ATM-200, ATM-150, ATM-100, ATM-50, ATM, ATM+50, ATM+100
    Nifty Call: ATM-100, ATM-50, ATM, ATM+50, ATM+100, ATM+150, ATM+200, ATM+250, ATM+300, ATM+350, ATM+400, ATM+450, ATM+500

    Bank Nifty Put: ATM-1000, ATM-900, ATM-800, ATM-700, ATM-600, ATM-500 ATM-400, ATM-300, ATM-200, ATM-100, ATM, ATM+100, ATM+200
    Bank Nifty Call: ATM-200, ATM-100, ATM, ATM+100, ATM+200, ATM+300, ATM+400 ATM+500, ATM+600, ATM+700, ATM+800, ATM+900, ATM+1000

    These contracts would be available in both current week and current month expiry. In the monthly expiry week, the current week expiry is same as current month expiry and hence only one expiry option (current month) would be available.
    Please note that Kotak Securities reserves the right to reduce the number of contracts allowed in this product type without prior intimation. Please refer TnC for details.
  • QWhat if market moves up or down?
    In case of market movement, new strikes will automatically be introduced based on the last traded price of the relevant current month future. If any contract falls out of the given range, it will automatically be removed from the Super Multiple Option order contract list. However, modification / square-off option will be available on existing orders. Please note that even if the strike falls under the criteria above, but the option premium is below Re.1; the contract will not be available for trade under the Super Multiple Option order type.
  • QWhat is the maximum allowable quantity?
    Maximum allowable order quantity is less than or equal to best 5 buyers/sellers or maximum allowable quantity by exchange for given scrip, whichever is lower.
  • QIs there any additional charges for Super Multiple Option?
    Free to those who have been given access. Rest cannot avail it.
  • QHow to activate Super Multiple Option?

    Login to website Go to New Products > Click on Super Multiple Option, you will see a disclaimer. Kindly accept this disclaimer to activate Super Multiple Option order type.

  • QIs there any limit on exposure created under this order type?

    You can create an exposure up to 25 cr under Super Multiple Option order type.

  • QHow will exposure be computed?

    Exposure will be computed as (Strike + Premium) * Qty for both buy and sell positions.

  • QWhat if I do not square off my position till 3:20 pm?

    On any given day, if a position remains open till 3:20 pm, it will be automatically squared off by system after that time.

  • QWhat would be the margin blocked?

    For buy order, it would be equal to premium * quantity

    For sell order, margin will be blocked as per the exchange guidelines. Know more

  • QWhat will be the stoploss order trigger price (SLTP)?

    For Buy order, the SLTP needs to be within the following price range:
    Minimum SLTP: (LDPR + 0.05)
    Maximum SLTP: MAX(LDPR + 0.05, Leg1 - 0.5)
    Where LPDR is the lower circuit price limit of the option contract

    For Sell order, the SLTP needs to be within the following price range:
    Minimum SLTP: (Leg1 + 0.5)
    Maximum SLTP: MAX(LEG1+0.5, MIN(LEG1+1%*STRIKE, MAX(0.8 * HDPR , HDPR - 1%*STRIKE)))
    Where HPDR is the upper circuit price limit of the option contract

  • QHow can I square off an open positions in Super Multiple Option?
    • To Square off an open position, click on Today's Positions under Reports. This screen would show you the details of your open positions. Click on the position you want to square off.
    • Click on EXIT & set the price as either Limit or Market at which you would like to square off the position. Click on Square Off & Confirm.
    • You will be shown a screen having the reference number of the transaction. You can also check the details of this transaction by clicking on Order Status.

    Note: Please note that you can square off any open position in Super Multiple only through today’s positions. In case you place orders by not marking Super Multiple order, it will be considered a fresh order and hence it would not be considered as a square off of your Super Multiple position.

  • QCan I modify a square off order as Market which earlier placed at a limit price?

    No. you cannot modify your limit order for square off to a market order. However, you can cancel the limit square off order & place a fresh square off order at Market price.

  • QWill brokerage be charged if I have subscribed to FIT/TFP plan?

    No, brokerage will not be charged in Super Multiple trades as per FIT/TFP plan.

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