+ Expand AllHow to transfer shares to Demat/trading Account?

  • QCan I transfer shares or funds from third party accounts to my Depository/Trading account?
    No, as per SEBI regulations you are not allowed to transfer shares or funds from third party accounts to your Depository/Trading account.
  • QCan Kotak Securities ask me to provide details regarding my source of funds or shares brought into my trading account?

    Yes, according to SEBI regulations, we need to ensure that all the securities for market pay in obligations and also towards margins are received from client’s own account. In this regards Kotak Securities reserves the right to ask for the source of shares, if necessary. Similarly, in the case of funds, we need to ensure that the funds received in our account have been transferred from your own bank account.

    Kotak Securities may inform the customer and hold the payout of the securities or funds requested / due from your trading account until the receipt of the proof of source of these securities or fund.

  • QWhat can I submit as proof of source of shares/funds?

    You can submit the Client Master Limit and DP Transaction Statement as proof to ascertain source of shares and bank account statement to ascertain source funds.

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