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Free Intraday Trading

Successful intraday trading has a lot to do with costs. Lower the cost; the lower the breakeven to make profits. That is where Kotak Securities’ Free Intraday Trading (FIT) perfectly fits into your trading strategy. Just open a trading account with Kotak Securities and start your free intraday trading journey right away.

Benefits of Free Intraday Trading with Kotak Securities

Free Intraday Trading (FIT) offers you an unbeatable trading experience at the lowest cost and backed by the best of analytics. It is all about staying FIT in intraday trading! If you want the best intraday platform then start trading now. Here’s what Free Intraday Trade (FIT) offers:

  • No brokerage charges irrespective of size of trade, platform or market segment.
  • Get unlimited access to equity and derivatives reports by our award-winning Research team.
  • Existing customers can seamlessly sign up for FIT by getting in touch with the Customer Care team.
  • Trade on the go through your mobile phone using Kotak Stock Trader, the only app to allow you a login-free glance at your portfolio.
  • Download Keat Pro X on your laptop or PC and enhance your intraday trades with portfolio analytics, position trackers, and watch-lists.
  • Don’t want to download? Get a smarter and quicker trading experience on your browser with the Trade Smart Terminal.

What do you get?

For traders, brokerage cost is a major consideration. FIT is intended to address precisely that issue.

  • Traders can subscribe to the FIT plan by paying just Rs.999 for the whole year. That is less than Rs.4 per day.
  • FIT is applicable for all intraday trading orders across all equity segments, be it cash, futures or options.
  • There is no limit on the quantum of intraday trading that you can do in equities and derivatives with FIT once you have subscribed to the 999 plan.

FIT Terms & Conditions

  • FIT is only applicable for self-generated orders i.e. where the buy and sell leg orders are placed on the Kotak Securities platform by the customer directly.
  • Customers will have to provide margins as per the existing agreement with Kotak Securities.
  • Delivery brokerage will be as per the agreement with the client.
  • Currently, FIT is only open to resident Indians with an online trading account and for online franchisee accounts in equity and equity derivatives.
  • Intraday trades placed through a dealer will not be covered under FIT.
  • All statutory and other charges shall be charged as applicable.
  • Nominal brokerage of just 1 paisa per scrip will be levied on your trade that will substantially reduce your cost of trading.
  • FIT is not available for currency and commodity trades. FIT cannot be used by NRIs, QFIs and ODIN Diet clients at this point of time.
  • In case you rollover your position beyond the day, the trade gets converted into a delivery trade, in which case, brokerage will be charged

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How to get free intraday trading?

It’s very simple. Just open a trading account with Kotak Securities (It’s free if you opt for FIT). Next, opt for the FIT subscription by paying Rs. 999 for the full year.

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