What are the charges while trading from the Call & Trade Desk /Dealer in the Trade Free Youth Plan?

A dealer-assisted trade occurs when a Kotak Securities representative places a trading order on behalf of a client in accordance with his or her instructions. This would result in an additional fee (in addition to the brokerage), which is as follows in the case of the Trade Free Youth plan:

  • If a client places one leg of an intraday trade and the second leg is put through a dealer, a fee of Rs.49 will be imposed for the dealer-assisted trade.

  • If a dealer places both legs intraday/delivery trades: Rs.98 will be charged (i.e. Rs. 49 on each leg)

  • If a dealer places one leg delivery trade: Rs.49 will be charged in addition to brokerage If position liquidated by the risk team: Rs.49 will be charged on each trade in addition to brokerage

A call & trade desk is a facility where a client can get his/her orders placed through a dedicated team by calling on 1860-266-9191.

A client can even get his/her orders placed through the dealer as well.

Using the Call & Trade is very simple.

  • Call our special number –1800 209 9191(Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6pm/11:30pm/11:55pm depending on the segment) from anywhere in India

  • You will get in touch with our Call & Trade desk, where you will be allotted a dealer.

  • You will have to verify your identity and account details. Team will Place your order.

  • Your online account will be updated and show the order.

The charges to trade from call & trade desk is same as above in addition to the brokerage in case of Trade Free Youth Plan.

Or if you are already in touch with your dealer - You can even get orders placed through your dealer.

Or you can email Customer Service on: service.securities@kotak.com to find your dealer details.