Once my Commodity Section is activated, how do I start Trading in Commodities with Kotak Securities?

Choose a platform

You can start off by searching for any commodity future or option in the Kotak Neo mobile app or website. For example, if you wish to trade in Gold options, then search GOLD 50000, and you will find various contracts with different expiries. In addition, you can make use of the Commodity filter in the search to narrow down the results.

You can choose the desired contract and start trading.

Option Chain

  1. Login in to your Neo Account and click on your desires commodity from the Option chain menu
  1. You will see all the strikes available for the current expiry. Call option strikes are on the left side of the screen and the Put option strikes are on the right side of the screen.
  1. Once you click on any of the contracts you will see an option to buy/sell the contract on the bottom of the screen.


You can only trade in commodity contracts if your Commodity segment is enabled. Click here to know the steps for activating the Commodity segment if it's not activated for your account.

  1. Click on search bar of the watchlist
  1. Type in the trading symbol [example: Gold] followed by the strike price. You'll see a drop-down of the existing contracts for that strike price and then click on any of the contracts that you want to trade in. The top most contracts that will be visible are of the nearest expiry.
  1. After clicking on the contract you can see the option of buy or sell. Depending on the positions you want to create you can either click on buy or sell and trade in the contract.
This feature is not allowed for this platform.