How can I cancel a SIP Instruction?

You can cancel an on-going SIP Instruction at any time.

  1. If the order for that SIP has already been initiated by Kotak Securities then that order will proceed but all subsequent orders shall be cancelled.
  2. You can cancel your SIP Instruction by visiting the ‘SIP Status’ page under the Auto-Invest section in your account.
  1. For SIP Cancellation - Click on SIP Status and Click cancel as given in the below screen:
  1. Once you click on ‘Cancel’ the below screen opens up.
  2. Click on ‘Submit’ to cancel the SIP.
  1. Once you cancel a SIP instruction, all future orders to be placed against that SIP instruction would stand canceled.
  2. You can also cancel individual scrip orders in each instruction by clicking on ‘Modify’ and then clicking on ‘stop SIP’